Conditions Managed
Neck & Back Pains
Herniated Discs Injury
Sports Injuries
Sprain/Strain Syndrome
Muscular Spasms
Work Injuries
Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
Spinal/Joint Stiffness
Peripheral Neuropathy
Chronic Fatigue
Dr. Terrence Yap received his degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa in 1996. Following graduation with honours he returned to Singapore, becoming the first Singaporean to practice chiropractic in his home country. 

Dr. Yap also holds an undergraduate qualification in Exercise Science from Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. He specialiazed in Adpated Physical Activity and graduated with honours and great distinction. He furtherd his studies with post graduate chiropractic certificates in Clinical Orthopaedics of the Extremities and Whiplash Trauma Injuries from the San Diego Spine Research Institute.

He currently owns the Atlas Chiropractic Clinic and sits as Managing Director, Total Rehab Centre which integrates chiropractic treatment for spinal and joint injuries with exercise rehabilitation.

At the Asian Games in Korea in 2006 he became the first and only chiropractor appointed to a national team for Singapore.

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